Our Clients ❤ Us.

Here is what a few of our clients have to say about working with the Rodgers Collective team.

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  • My name is Dr. Lindsay Byron, although most folks know me as Lux ATL. I am a former university English instructor turned professional pole dancer, teacher, and motivational speaker. In 2014, I quit academia in order to pursue my passion for empowering women through pole dance. The first year of my business was an experiment–just testing out my workshops and other offerings to discover if folks would pay for them. That year I discovered that YES, my services are in demand! However, I had no clue how to properly structure a business for growth and sustainability–and this is where Rachel Rodgers comes in.

    I hired Rachel in December 2015 to coach me on a six-month contract. So far, she has guided me through the nuts-and-bolts of legally establishing my business and setting up a business bank account–areas in which I was utterly clueless. She has also given me great new moneymaking ideas–such as an online workshop, which has earned me an extra $2k this month alone! Perhaps more importantly than these benefits, however, is Rachel’s ability to motivate me to believe in myself and dream bigger than I ever imagined. Some days I’m feeling down or tired and don’t want to work, but as soon as I get off the phone with Rachel, I’m totally revitalized and reconnected with my vision. Rachel is not only my business coach–she’s my friend. I adore her as a person, and find her own success personally inspiring.

    I’m making more money than ever, have greater confidence in my vision, and fresher ideas thanks to Rachel’s guidance. I invested every last dime of my savings account to hire Rachel. Less than two months later, that savings account is already replenished and growing. BEST INVESTMENT I’VE EVER MADE IN MY BUSINESS. Hire this woman.

    Dr. Lindsay Byron, Pole Dancer, Professor, Motivational Speaker
  • You identify as an Owner, your company may be starting something new, you might even be contemplating a first venture or you are a respected veteran in your marketplace. When was the last time you relaxed and said to yourself and your team we are covered here, so let's conquer what’s next and make today seriously matter for our clients. It's a rare moment for sure and maybe more so where legal matters are concerned, neglecting important items we sometimes file in the back of the cabinet does not happen when you partner with Rachel Rodgers.

    I learned a very important lesson early in life, find the professionals that define their field and retain their services first! Rachel Rodgers is the Attorney, her firm is top notch with a concept based on common sense. They get to know their clients, it’s evident they care!

    It’s a pleasure to work with a team that aggressively deals with the legal issues pertaining to your business. You guard your company everyday by knowing that Rachel and her team are dealing with the details from protecting your intellectual property to helping you grow. Manage your company not the laws that govern your business.

    Rachel Rodgers Law has been there for us every step of the way, from trademarks to copyrights, building best employee practices and navigating business in the cloud. They are by our side when we venture in a new direction and the really important part, you can count on Rachel and her team to keep you ahead of the curve, they seriously have your back. Make the call now, talk to Rachel. It will change how you do business, your team and you clients will thank you!

    Gary Muller, Proprietor
  • Working with Rachel to trademark three business programs has been amazing. Not only do I understand now how important it is to protect my intellectual property, but the bonus surprise is her firm made it easy and painless. When was the last time you could say THAT about a law firm?

    Registering my trademarks and protecting my intellectual property has tremendously helped reduce copycattery and has given me more confidence in my brand uniqueness in promoting my events, programs and tv show! Fantastic business investment!

    Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life Coach
    Susan Hyatt, Inc.
  • Rachel and her team helped us file for several trademarks for our business. They made the process easy and straightforward, and kept us up to date not only on progress but also on our different options at each step of the way. Since trademarks can take a long time to secure, it was really great to be able to rely on Rachel and her team to push the process forward and advocate for my company, so that I could focus on running the business.

    Alexandra Cavoulacos, Founder and COO
  • It’s rare that you can say this in business, but Rachel Rodgers and her entire team were a true joy to work with. I’d put off converting my LLC to a C-Corp for a full year because of the insane quotes, conflicting advice, and complicated counsel I’d been receiving from attorneys and friends alike. In less than a 30-minute call with Rachel, she was able to clear up any and all questions I had, give me a fair quote, and a reasonable time estimate for the project. From that point on, it was a well-oiled machine.

    Her team kept me up to date on every step of the process and were proactive in consulting with me when additional steps came up. This was especially appreciated because when you’re at a place where you really just want to get something done and over with, it’s helpful to have someone who is careful and cautious on your side so that you don’t rush and make a costly mistake. Even after all was said and done and the documents were filed and signed, Elizabeth and Tressa followed up with me on next steps and suggestions, all included in the one-time fee. There were no surprise charges or attempts at selling me on something unnecessary, just smart, straightforward legal advice. I am very grateful to Rachel and her team for making what could have been a stressful experience simple and seamless. Well done, ladies!

    Bea Arthur, Founder
  • Working with Rachel has helped my business go pro. Last year I found myself at the head of a rapidly growing website design and brand strategy business and I wanted to make sure that my work, my clients, and I were all protected and planned for.

    I decided to work with Rachel because I needed more professional contracts for working with my clients and contractors, and my business has received SO much more! From business entity creation, to trademark filing, to program terms and conditions and amazing advice, I would not be able to run my business in a professional and confident way without Rachel and her amazing team in my corner. I feel like they truly care about me, which is not something everyone can say about their business lawyer!

    Suzi Istvan, CEO
  • I loved working with Rachel to secure a trademark for our company. There are so many things to consider when filing and lots of confusing paperwork. Rachel broke everything down for me so I understood and her team did all of the heavy lifting so I could focus on growing my business.

    Ryan Paugh, Co-Founder
  • I always imagined that having a lawyer was something my company would need one day, something that wasn't essential in the present because I wasn't "big enough yet." It took dealing with some serious issues that put myself and my business at risk to realize just how wrong I was. Working with Rachel has set my company up for the kind of success I envisioned, while protecting the intellectual property and brand equity I've worked so hard to build. What's more Rachel and her team are more than just your lawyers; they make up one of the loudest sections of your personal cheering section, offering words of encouragement and advice before you even knew you needed it. If I could do it all over again, hiring Rachel would have been the first thing I did on day one of my business.

    Anthonia Akitunde, Founder & CEO
  • Coastermatic initially connected with Rachel to help us tidy up our Privacy and Terms & Conditions. Since then, she’s helped us work through trademarking and incorporating. With her friendly approach and sound advice, I definitely sleep easier knowing she’s on our team.

    Tash Wong, Founder
  • I was in over my head trying to change the name and ownership of my corporation, and Rachel made the process simple, straightforward, and hassle-free. She took charge and handled everything for me so that I could get back to doing what I do best: helping my clients ditch the BS in their lives. Rachel was a blast to work with - fun, personable, and genuinely interested in the specifics of my business, and I'd absolutely work with her again.

    Nicole Ross, CEO
  • I wanted to feel like my business was legit, so I reached out to Rachel about helping me trademark my new business name. The entire process was easy, seamless and thorough and left me in no doubt that I'll work with Rachel again at some point in the future.

    Nikki Groom, CEO
  • I needed to talk with a lawyer I could trust. Someone honest, engaging, and supportive. Rachel Rodgers was that, plus an incredible entrepreneurial resource. Get to know her staff, they’re incredible too. You will get much more than what you pay for.

    Krystle Cobran, Founder
  • We needed to trademark our business name because others in our market were already picking up on our phrase. Rachel gave me a clear and straightforward explanation of the process, including an option to handle part of it myself. She quickly understood our business, even though sports isn’t her specialty, and our trademark application was approved without incident.

    In addition to everything I’ve already mentioned, I appreciate Rachel’s friendly yet completely professional manner. With her, legal questions seem manageable and I feel that the legal affairs for my business can be in order and I can understand them.

    Jennifer Lyle, Co-founder
  • I love to focus on what matters most in my business and tend to shy away from the tasks I know I need, but do not have the expertise to accomplish. Thank goodness I met Rachel Rodgers. She is my definition of legal-ease. Working with her is effortless. She intuitively understands my services and my clientele and advises me with point on suggestions to protect my business. With her in my pocket, I get to build my company with confidence.

    Alexa Fischer, Creator of 1000 Watt Presence
  • Rachel Rodgers makes getting documents created efficient and relatively painless. The systems that she has set up allow me to contact her on my schedule and she is able to turn around work faster than expected. I highly recommend Rachel!

    Billy Goldberg, CEO
  • One advantage of starting multiple businesses is that you learn (a lot!) from your mistakes. When I started Splash Resumes last year, I recognized that I needed more personalized legal services. Rachel helped me register my business name with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and wrote my website’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Rachel is professional, responsible, knowledgeable and personable. I am so thankful to have her as part of my team! You should run, not walk, to hire Rachel. Your business will thank you!

    Neely Raffellini, Founder
  • We needed to trademark our company name and Rachel made the process easy and painless. I would highly recommend working with Rachel.

    Eric McGehearty, CEO
  • I am the founder of Carib Delights, LLC specializing in the production and distribution of gourmet products. It’s a privilege in recommending to you an attorney who takes pride and dedication in her work, exhibiting the ability and willingness to go above and beyond her duties to assist and represent the needs of her clients. Her passion, tenacity and integrity are demonstrated in her work. I feel privileged to have her as a valued asset to our company. I highly recommend her legal services and certainly look forward to continue working with her.

    Ayanna Ifill, Founder
  • Rachel was professional, friendly and creative. She was able to help mediate a grievance in a timely manner and helped me avoid the costly, both financially and emotionally, road of litigation. I valued this experience so much that I am currently utilizing her services again, this time for her expertise in small business law. I highly recommend Rodgers Collective.

    Shae Pepper, Managing Director