Have legal concerns but not sure where to begin to resolve them? Struggling with a particular issue and just need an hour of a lawyer’s time to get your questions answered? Want some advice on how you can create and protect intellectual property in your business?

Schedule a legal strategy session and we’ll provide targeted legal advice on exactly what your needs are and the best place to get started.
One of our expert attorneys will help you evaluate one particular issue or offer strategy for going forward with your overall objectives legally. Fun twist: the strategy session cost is credited towards any additional legal services you purchase.
So how about no more procrastinating, no more hoping for the best, and a lot more protection and profit? Exactly.

Why do I need a Legal Strategy Session?
Whether you recently started your business, are operating on a shoestring budget, or just aren’t sure where to start, a strategy session can help. Choosing the right business structure can potentially save you thousands in taxes each year, and limit your personal liability. Starting off the right foot saves time and money, as does knowing how and when to make changes. We can help you figure out right from left when from your first step, or help you identify money-saving changes to make in your existing business.

What happens during a Legal Strategy Session?
During this session we can cover 1-2 specific topics such as whether you should trademark your business name and logo, which business entity is best for your business, whether or not you should take on a partner, how you should handle a particular legal situation and other legal issues or dilemmas. And if IP is your thing, we can uncover the IP you have hiding in your business and develop a strategy on how you can protect and profit from it. You will get targeted advice specific to your circumstances, no matter the question

You will come away from your strategy session with an action plan for your legal issue. We will provide as much specific, practical advice and as many resources as possible to help you with your particular situation.

What happens after I purchase?
Once you purchase, we will send you an intake form to complete before the call. This way, we’ll have all the background info we needs ahead of time, so every minute of the call can be spent on getting your business sorted legally. Within one business day of your purchase, you’ll also receive a link to schedule your call–you can usually find a spot to schedule your call within one week of purchase. If you need more time, that’s no problem, as long as you schedule your call within 90 days of the date of purchase.

alexa fischerI love to focus on what matters most in my business and tend to shy away from the tasks I know I need, but do not have the expertise to accomplish.  Thank goodness I met Rachel Rodgers.  She is my definition of legal-ease.  Working with her is effortless.  She intuitively understands my services and my clientele and advises me with point on suggestions to protect my business.  With her in my pocket, I get to build my company with confidence.
-Alexa Fischer, Creator of 1000 Watt Presence

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