Create, sell and grow your business, your product, your network, your empire, we can help. If you want to increase your revenue to 7-figures and beyond, build a product that adds $250k or more to your bottom line (while also changing lives), plus uplevel your systems, network, team and thinking, you are in the right place.   



Build your product.
MADE: Come to France. Spend a week with me and my team in a chateau. Leave with your new product M-A-D-E.

If you have always wanted to create your very own digital product, something that you could be known by and something that would generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business without you having to slave away for every one of those dollars, then get excited! MADE: IN FRANCE is here and you’re invited!

MADE is my week-long retreat that offers you the possibility to step away from the everyday grind and fully devote yourself to creating your smash product. And what better place to get it all done than the inspiring French countryside? For this round of MADE, I have selected an incredible chateau (that’s French for castle!), where you’ll nestle in with me and my talented team as we work together for a full week to get your first product MADE. Prepare to be pampered. Prepare to be inspired. Prepare to get shit done!

Be sure to act fast! There are only 5 spots left and soon they’ll be gone. Ready for all the juicy details (and the drool-worthy photos)?!


Build your business.

Prime: Join my mastermind of smart ambitious women to build your product and and next level your business.

Are you looking to double your revenue? Or perhaps reach a broader audience? All while having more time to spend on whatever it is you want to spend it on–creating more, engaging with your tribe, napping on the couch. The choice is yours. (No judgments here.)

Then you’re in the right place. Prime is our mastermind program where you work with me and my team to build your product and next level your business.

If it’s time to:

  • Clarify the needs your community has and then create specific solutions to meet them;
  • Streamline your operations so that execution is simple and repeatable (aka, making it easy on yourself to consistently kill it);
  • Productize your services so that you can have more impact on your community of followers and customers;
  • Create (or improve) your flagship product so you are not 100% reliant on services to meet your revenue goals;
  • Build a solid growth engine for your products and services so that marketing is streamlined, simplified, and delivers results week after week; and

All the while, you will be developing into a happier business owner with less stress, more money and more time to enjoy your life.

The next Prime Mastermind starts July 1st. 

rodgerscollective_graphic_ipicon-redBuild your empire.

Handled: A 48-hour retreat with your favorite business coach (that’d be me!). 

Come to the Big Apple for a day of business planning, prepping and pampering. You will hang with me for an inspiring day and a half where we dig deep to access what you really want to get out of your business. You will get clarity, put some exciting fucking plans in motion and get support to ensure that your copy gets written and your project managed. The next chapter of your business and your life, in a word: handled. (And you’ll have fun while doing it. Oh yes, you will).

rodgerscollective_graphic_ipicon-redBuild your network.

Cake + Coaching: Get clarity on your biggest business conundrum and connect with fellow entrepreneurs while making a big ‘ol delicious cake. 

Cake + Coaching is my live event in New York City where you will learn how to bake an incredibly decadent six-layer cake in a professional commercial kitchen AND connect and bond with some amazing entrepreneurs while you are at it. At Cake + Coaching you will hang out with me, Rachel Rodgers, a business coach + intellectual property lawyer, and other CEOs of service businesses.

At Cake + Coaching, we’ll begin by introducing ourselves and our businesses to the group. Then, you’ll share your product idea, your biggest business conundrum or whatever is holding you back or getting you excited in your biz. In return? You’ll get coaching on your limiting beliefs and feedback on your ideas from me and your fellow Cake + Coaching entrepreneurs. All the while, we will be learning how to bake an incredible six-layer cake from one of the chefs at the amazing Milk Bar, Christina Tosi’s renowned bakery world famous for crazy creations like Crack Pie and the Compost Cookie.

The next Cake + Coaching is happening on June 16, 2016.

rodgerscollective_graphic_schedulesessionNot exactly sure what you need or where to start? Schedule a business strategy session and we’ll provide targeted advice on exactly what your needs are and the best place to get started.

On our call we’ll talk bidness. We’ll answer your questions, help you figure out what areas of your company could use some work and offer strategy and advice for going forward with your overall objectives. Fun twist: the strategy session cost is credited towards any additional services you purchase.

So how about no more procrastinating, no more hoping for the best, and a lot more pleasure and profit? Exactly.

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