Need to find that magical place where the profits meet the bank account?
I can help.


Want more clients? I can help with that. Want to work less and make more? I can help with that. Need to figure out how to market yourself online? I can help with that. Want to create your first product? I can help with that. Need to figure out what the hell you want in the first place and then take action? I can help with that, too.

Ready to step into your role as CEO? Looking to double or triple your revenue? Want to reach a broader audience? All while having more time to spend on whatever it is you want to spend it on–creating more, engaging with your tribe, QT with the kids? Then you’re in the right place.

My name is Rachel Rodgers. And I help women entrepreneurs make mo’ money. 

And I’m not talking monopoly money. I’m talking “pays mortgages, school tuition and car notes” money. Not to mention “covers trips to France and new designer sunglasses” money. If your business is making money but you’re feeling less than supported then you’re in the right place. If your business is pre-revenue and you want to get to the land of post-revenue as quickly as possible, I got you.

Here’s the reality: growing a business takes more than sheer will. Growing a business takes more than slapping a website on the interwebs and hoping someone shows up and starts giving you money. (I wish it worked that way, too. It don’t.)

Growing a business is about value. You provide value (your expertise, products and services) and your clients provide value back (money, money and more money). If your business isn’t producing like you want it to, you’ve got a value problem. The good news is I can help you solve it.

One-To-One is my six-month one-on-one business coaching solution. This is where I partner with you to clear the blocks in your way, identify the things that are holding you back, help you kick fear’s ass and take things to the next level. We’ll get your creative juices flowing so you can dream up new offers that will knock your client’s socks off. We’ll also analyze the numbers to identify exactly what action steps are necessary to get you the revenue plus profit you are dreaming of. 

Here’s how we’ll work together:

  • Strategic Planning: In our first coaching session, we will identify and map out your business and lifestyle goals (Don’t know what you really want? No worries! I’ve got a bag of coaching tools that will uncover what you really, really want really, really fast.) Then we’ll review your business model and develop a plan to get you to your goals.
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions: You’ll have a scheduled coaching session every other week.  Coaching sessions are typically an hour. During these sessions we’ll talk through what you’re struggling with, create new offers, map out launches, crunch numbers, clear blocks and whatever else it takes to get you to a place where you are ready to take clear, decisive action. Every coaching session will end with a homework assignment. It’s all about the action and I am going to hold you accountable.
  • Document + Copy Review: Whether you need to figure out how to respond to a client email, want my feedback on your new landing page or a second set of eyes on your latest business proposal, I am at your service. This engagement includes document review and collaboration, as needed.
  • Support Beyond Our Sessions: You are free to email or text me, as needed, in between sessions. For important or urgent matters, spot coaching sessions via telephone in between your regular sessions are an option.
  • Access to My Files + Resources: During and in-between coaching sessions, I will share worksheets, cheat sheets, templates, my rolodex and other resources, as needed, to help you accomplish your goals.

We’ll work together for six months to get your business (and life) where you want it to be. My very first coaching client doubled her revenue and secured an agent for her book. It’s only gone up from there.

Ready to handle your biz-nass with a coach in your corner?
Investment: $12,000
Get 10% off when you pay the balance in full or choose our 6-month payment plan.
Includes six-months of one-on-one business coaching with me in your corner, 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions, strategic planning, document + copy review, access to my files + resources, and ongoing support via email and phone in between sessions. After you purchase, we will send you an intake form to complete and get you scheduled for your first session.

If it’s time to:

  • Clarify the needs your community has and then create specific solutions to meet them;
  • Streamline your operations so that execution is simple and repeatable (aka, making it easy on yourself to consistently kill it);
  • Productize your services so that you can reach a greater segment of your market and have more impact on your community of fans and customers;
  • Create (or improve) your flagship product so you are not 100% reliant on services to meet your revenue goals;
  • Build a solid growth engine for your products and services so that marketing is streamlined, simplified, and delivers results week after week;
  • All the while, you will be developing into a happier business owner with less stress, more money and more time to enjoy your life.

One-To-One is a fit for you if you want to stop thinking about the business you really want to build and start actually building it.

Peg Kusner“I had a head (and heart!) full of ideas for products, but had no real plan or process to make them happen. There’s something almost mystical about going to a beautiful place, far from home, to work on your dream with like-minded people. It shifts your focus, your frame of reference and your point-of-view in wonderful-and unexpected- ways! With MADE: IN FRANCE, there’s a strong support system to keep you on-track and motivated. The brilliant ideas and feedback from Rachel, her team, and the other members of our MADE group took me, my product and my business to a new level that I would never have gotten to on my own!

The chateau was magical! The beautiful space and grounds; the fact that there were no distractions (I loved stopping during my writing to stretch, then realizing that the only sounds to be heard were the clicks of keyboards and the noises of the farm animals 🙂 ;delicious food and drink; amazing company; and life-changing conversations! My ONLY hesitation was the cost! But it was the best investment in myself and my business that I could have made.

Peg Kusner, Interior Designer, Peg Kusner Designs

Nailah headshot“Working with Rachel gave me the tools to really begin stepping from behind my business and start putting myself front and center. The program reinforced that as CEO of my company, it’s my job to lay out the vision for my company and that taking the time to do that was absolutely necessary. Also, it gave me a group of trusted peers that I know I can turn to for advice and support well after the program is over.

While participating in the program, I gained 2 new retainer clients and an increased scope from an existing client. I’ve also put together the foundation for a new program that is more in line with the work I’d love to be doing and the clients I’d like to serve.

The access to the entire Rodgers Collective team is priceless. And the support and the push to think bigger and completely outside of the box with your business.

I would recommend Prime to any woman business owner who is looking to step their game up but may be feeling a little stuck. I’ve already made back the investment in Prime with new clients and I know that ROI will only continue to grow as I continue implementing all I’ve learned.

Nailah Blades, CEO, Wylie & Co.

quinn-bishop“I am the owner-operator of two businesses and had an amazing idea for a product that combined both of my businesses. At MADE, I was encouraged, coached, and made it through creating the majority of my product. I had a wonderful experience, it was a turning point for me. Committing to MADE was a conscious decision that told my soul that I deserved more, that I was enough, and that I had exactly what it takes to make this huge leap. My favorite part of MADE was the other women! We are all so different, from vastly different fields and locations. The other women offered a unique perspective and energy. I also loved the tangible action steps, braining storming sessions and feedback. I recommend MADE because when in your life will you ever surround yourself in such a beautiful place with amazing people, to create what’s been growing inside you? Well, at MADE you will! ;).

Quinn Bishop, Stylist, Salon Owner & Transformational Coach

Lindsay Byron“My name is Dr. Lindsay Byron, although most folks know me as Lux ATL. I am a former university English instructor turned professional pole dancer, teacher, and motivational speaker. In 2014, I quit academia in order to pursue my passion for empowering women through pole dance. The first year of my business was an experiment–just testing out my workshops and other offerings to discover if folks would pay for them. That year I discovered that YES, my services are in demand! However, I had no clue how to properly structure a business for growth and sustainability–and this is where Rachel Rodgers comes in.

I hired Rachel in December 2015 to coach me on a six-month contract. So far, she has guided me through the nuts-and-bolts of legally establishing my business and setting up a business bank account–areas in which I was utterly clueless. She has also given me great new moneymaking ideas–such as an online workshop, product and retreat which have earned me more than $60k over the past few months! Perhaps more importantly than these benefits, however, is Rachel’s ability to motivate me to believe in myself and dream bigger than I ever imagined. Some days I’m feeling down or tired and don’t want to work, but as soon as I get off the phone with Rachel, I’m totally revitalized and reconnected with my vision. Rachel is not only my business coach–she’s my friend. I adore her as a person, and find her own success personally inspiring.

I’m making more money than ever, have greater confidence in my vision, and fresher ideas thanks to Rachel’s guidance. I invested every last dime of my savings account to hire Rachel. Less than two months later, that savings account is already replenished and growing. BEST INVESTMENT I’VE EVER MADE IN MY BUSINESS. Hire this woman.”

Dr. Lindsay Byron, Pole Dancer, Professor, Motivational Speaker

Don’t Hesitate, My Friend.
Here’s Why You Need to Take Action Now:

If you want to do one-on-one coaching with me, be sure to take action now. I only carry a limited amount of coaching clients at a time, typically no more than five. I am confident that you will get big results, if you show up to our sessions, show up for yourself and do the work. Just take a look at the results of some of my past clients. If you think I am the right business coach for you, do not delay. Take action and sign up to get started.  

rodgerscollective_graphic_badgeThe Rodgers Collective Guarantee

I don’t offer a risk-free guarantee (in business, there is no such thing). I don’t offer refunds either. What I do have to offer you is something much greater: my commitment to deliver the best possible coaching I can deliver and to care about you, your family, your team, your business and your dreams. I promise to say the things that may be hard to hear–but I’ll say them anyway, because you need to hear them– and I promise to provide the knowledge, inspiration, and motivation you need to get the results you are looking for, but up until this point have only dreamed about.

Ready to handle your biz-nass with a coach in your corner?
Investment: $12,000
Get 10% off when you pay the balance in full or choose our 6-month payment plan.
Includes six-months of one-on-one business coaching with me in your corner, 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions, strategic planning, document + copy review, access to my files + resources, and ongoing support via email and phone in between sessions. After you purchase, we will send you an intake form to complete and get you scheduled for your first session.

“The magic is in Rachel’s ability to make the impossible not only possible but Actionable. No matter where you are in your business plan…new to established, the MULTIPLY process is the template you need to productize your message. Rachel’s irreverent ‘straight no-BS’ style is fun and engaging, but more importantly, it’s transformative. Her creative genius is in her ability to visualize turning the intangible to tangible. You WILL have many ‘I was blind but now I see’ moments! And with her wealth of resources you’ll be perfectly set to launch an amazing product. If you have even a smidgen of desire or curiosity re building a business product: Get thyself to MULTIPLY!”

René Washington, Life Coach

robert-hartwell“The result is a graduate level stack of guides to walk me through any product launch I ever want to undertake. The result is honestly less fear and more creativity. I got a killer flagship product that I didn’t know I even had. Rachel is brilliant in the sense that she can give you a one sentence tweak to your model and it change the entire trajectory of your business. I am walking away with a LAUNCH DATE, 12 month Product Outline, Sales Page, and Ideas for our Evergreen that I would’ve never even explored had she not pulled them out of me. My favorite was that the program felt like a behind the curtain tour of Emerald City. We are all clearly HUGE fans of Rodgers Collective and Rachel. However, to see the ACTUAL blueprints of her product that has made her nearly a million by the end 2016 is the most epic benefit to me. Her revealing the truth of how she does it and continues to do it demystifies the entire process of creation. Her revealing her process so simply and effectively gave me the confidence to trust and move with it……it clearly works.

Robert Hartwell, Broadway Dancer & Founder of The Broadway Collective

Tina Headshot“I have a degree in business, have taken several post grad business courses, and mentorship programs – but I cannot imagine not having been apart of Prime. The program is beneficial for seasoned entrepreneurs as well as beginners. Rachel meets you where you are and takes you to the next level. Prior to Prime – I had been working towards my doctorate in clinical nutrition (DCN) full time and seeing clients in my virtual clinical practice. I was turning down opportunities and new clients to avoid growth and expansion.To be honest, I had no hesitation in joining Prime. I knew it was a great investment from the start. I had purchased many of Rachel’s products and services and knew her content was amazing. She managed to make dry legal material something I looked forward to reading and implementing in SBB. I hired Rachel for my logo trademark and her team made the trademark process easy and painless. Rachel has disrupted her otherwise more “traditional” industry. I love that she has created a practice on her terms and delivers quality content.

Having access to Rachel was invaluable. What I wanted most from Prime was a person to talk things out with. She gave me great advice and guidance. Most importantly she was able to share in my excitement and wins. My favorite line is “profit solves all problems”, this shifted my perspective on growth and calmed my fears. I have completely restructured my business to allow for growth. I was previously unable to accept new clients because I was at capacity. Now, not only am I taking on new clients in my clinical practice, I have started to formally offer business consulting services to other nutritionists. I finally found a way to incorporate both of my passions.

You will not find someone more experienced than Rachel at helping service professionals build stronger businesses and leverage assets. I would recommend Prime to anyone wanting to play bigger. Prime has completely re-energized my business.”

Tina Krupczak, Nutritionist, Telos By TK

Donna headshot“My business was established, I had both products and services, but my marketing and sales were not consistent. I was also not delegating to my team as much as I could. I have done group coaching programs in the past and wanted to be sure that this one would be different. I was looking have real support and guidance to implement, not just be told what to do. I was concerned that I would be further along then some of the other members of the group.

But Rachel and her team are there for you and although we were all at different stages of life and business it did not matter one bit. Prime provided accountability, great ideas, a kick in the ass, support, no excuses, new friends and colleagues, a safe place to land.

I joined Prime because I have known Rachel for a few years. I adored her the minute we met and every time she sent a newsletter or announced a program I devoured it, I wanted my stuff to look and feel like hers. I had total respect and if I am going to invest with a coach to help me build my business who better than a small business attorney, turned coach, with great style? I signed right up.

 I would say the thing that had the biggest impact, is that Rachel saw something in me I could not fully see, she pushed me to be more me. I have held back on this for years and the timing for this program was impeccable. I am ready to step out in a way I have never shown myself and although it is a bit scary, I know she is watching….

Prime was one of the best coaching programs I have been a part of. A mix of strategy, innovation, best practices, accountability, wonderfully smart people and it was fun. I always looked forward to the calls and the engagement in the Facebook group. Now I am looking forward to the retreat.”

Donna Cravotta, PR & Marketing Consultant, Social Sage PR

Carmen HeadshotI was tired on revenue plateaus and adding new ideas to my to-do list without ever taking any action. I wanted accountability and a place to bounce ideas around regarding new products/events/ideas I had that would generate more income for me. However, I didn’t know if I’d be able to make the time. But that seemed to be my excuse with everything. In terms of cost, I knew the value would be there but because revenue was a concern, I wanted to also make sure I could pay my bills!

Prime gave me a place to bounce ideas around, products that I could launch, and exciting events that i actually want to attend. Plus, an action list to get my product launched, an awesome group of women to work and connect with, great ideas and feedback. The homework really made me buckle down to get it done and the follow up on the calls to discuss what we did kept me accountable. I think anyone who wants to grow their business could definitely benefit from Rachel and her team! They really help you get shit done!

Carmen Rosas, Carmen Rosas Law

Ready to handle your biz-nass with a coach in your corner?
Investment: $12,000
Get 10% off when you pay the balance in full or choose our 6-month payment plan.
Includes six-months of one-on-one business coaching with me in your corner, 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions, strategic planning, document + copy review, access to my files + resources, and ongoing support via email and phone in between sessions. After you purchase, we will send you an intake form to complete and get you scheduled for your first session.