Create a six-figure product in just 7 days
(and have fun while doing it)

Even if you’ve never created a product before, you’re busy, you’re business isn’t making as much money as you want it to, you struggle with technology and you still haven’t figured out this whole online marketing thing.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Hey, lady.

You’ve spent a lot of time building a successful career.
And you’ve been transferring that traditional career into a business that works for you.
And it’s more challenging than you thought it would be.

You’re a really smart woman, you work your ass and you’re good at figuring things out.
But this whole business thing? It hasn’t worked out to be exactly what you are looking for … yet.

I know all of this because I work with you every day in my business, and I hear from you through email and social media. The work you do inspires me to help you get it done better, faster, bigger and with more profits.

You know what else I know about you?

You are tired of hustling all the damn time.

What if I told you that in one week’s time you could make a change that would revolutionize your business? You could come out on the other side with more revenue and more free time.

Would you be willing to pull the trigger and bet on yourself? Of course you would– I know you.

If you are ready to put an end to the hustle and grind then I invite you to join me at MADE: IN FRANCE for my one week intensive product-creation retreat.

At MADE, my team will work one-on-one with you to create a smash product that will expand your reach, free-up your time, and send your profits soaring.

Could you create a product yourself? Damn right!

You could also probably conquer world peace by yourself (you’re that badass). But let me ask you this: why haven’t you created it on your own? Here’s why: because you know how to work smarter not harder. You know that to be as successful as possible you need to give yourself the opportunity to succeed and you need to collaborate with others who have the expertise to get you there–even if that means making investments. Even if that means hopping a flight to France. (Besides, a little pampering ain’t never hurt nobody.)

So how do I know what it is you need and exactly how to get you there?

meet-rachel-headshotBecause I have been there myself, and by creating a smash product, I put an end to my own rat race. Now, I’m going to share with you exactly how I did it.

My name is Rachel Rodgers. I am an intellectual property lawyer and business coach. I have a thriving business that I built from nothing.

I spend my days supervising my employees, planning our marketing, launching products and programs, writing newsletter articles, recording my podcast, and having about 3-5 phone calls with clients per week (with occasional deliverables). I have made enough progress in my business that I no longer have to slave away non-stop for clients with little reward.

But a few years ago, my days looked totally different.

About two and a half years into building my law practice, I was flat-out exhausted and not making nearly the amount of money I wanted, or needed, to make. Sure, I had plenty of clients, and they paid me pretty decently, but not enough for me to take home the kind of salary I wanted to be making. Not only was I not making enough money, I was overwhelmed with deadlines and never-ending client demands, and I had to put a lot of energy into trying to remain a sane human so that I could actually manage my business (you know, things like: reviewing profit and loss statements, managing my virtual assistant and contractors, and throwing together something that actually resembled a marketing strategy). Of course, I also needed to be sane because I had one child already and another on the way. The stress was killing me. Literally.

Then, one day, I found the answer.

The answer was sitting in my files. It was in my fee menu, it was in the emails I was sending to potential clients, it was in the process I used for getting client work done, and in the cheat sheets I had created for myself (in an effort to make the workload “slightly” more manageable).

Look, I get that this sounds very “the truth is right in front of you,” all you have to do is “find yourself,” and “don’t forget to use the force,” etc. But, I promise I’m not getting all Yoda on you. I have been where you are, and I have gotten to where I am, and I’m telling you that everything you need to get yourself out of the hustle and grind is already in your business.

That’s right. The service business you have been building is filled with assets.

You see, while you’ve been working away at building your service business, you have also been laying the foundation for building your first product. And, guess what? Creating a product is the answer to your “get me out of this hustle and grind” prayers.

Creating a product is what smart, savvy business owners do to make more money with stuff they already have.

I know this from experience.

After I launched my flagship product, Small Business Bodyguard, my revenue increased by $250,000 per year. It also significantly expanded my reach. Hundreds of people purchased my product and got great results. When their businesses grew, they hired me as their lawyer. Not only that, but Small Business Bodyguard became my calling card. I was offered major, paying speaking gigs, a book deal (which I turned down because what I was making from my product was far more than any book advance) and many other opportunities to introduce myself and my work to new audiences.

And here’s the real magic: with the additional revenue I made from Small Business Bodyguard, I was able to hire my first employee– a move that changed EVERYTHING. Finally, I was able to step into my role as CEO.

More money, more reach, more free time.

Interested in making it happen for yourself?

Here’s how: