Let’s crush your business plans and have fun while doing it … without leaving your home.

Handled @ Home


  • Are running a service business that is driving you mad
  • Or you’re ready to make your business dreams a reality
  • Have a business model that is a bit of a mess (or maybe don’t have a business model at all — and that’s the problem)
  • Want to dream big and accomplish big things (#getbigson)
  • Need expert advice to help you sort through your offers (what’s staying, what has to go?)
  • Need a coach to help you access your heart’s true desire for your biz (and your life)
  • Want to create a product or new services that knock your socks off and gets your client’s big results
  • Are tired of talking about going big in your biz —  you are ready to take risks to make it happen and you’re ready to reap the financial rewards (#deposits)
  • Are stuck in a rut and need to shake things up
  • Want to have fun while doing all of the above.

You are ready for change. And not just any change, The Change. (No, I’m not talking about menopause.) I’m talking about the change that takes you from where you are right now to a reality that looks better than your wildest dreams. Mmmmhmmmm.

Fact: There is only one way to get from where you are right now to exactly where you want to be. Step by step. You just put one foot in front of the other and don’t stop until you get there.

But here’s the reality: Sometimes you get scared. (Or all the time.) You let your fear stop you. You’re scared to stand out, make a splash and be seen. You’re scared you’re doing it wrong. You’re scared you are going the wrong way and that your steps will lead you to the wrong place.

Not only are you scared. But you’re busy. So very busy. Life gets in the way ALL. THE. TIME. How can you possibly get to the promised land? How can you find the time?

“You must want to be a butterfly so badly, you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” – Sekou Andrews

If you truly want to make your dreams happen …
If your heart is broken by your unrealized ambition …
If you’re ready to get your wings …

I have some good news: you’re only one important decision away from getting on the path to your dreams.

Some more good news: I can help you get on that path. I can help you shake the habits of your routine that keep you stuck. I can help you clear the limiting beliefs that have been scaring you into mediocrity for so long. I can help you be all that you know you are (sounds corny, but it’s very real).

Ready to get on the path? Well here’s the way …

Introducing: Handled @ Home.
A business e-treat with your favorite business coach (that’d be me). Meet me online for 30 days of business planning, prepping and pampering. You will hang with me for an inspiring month where we dig deep to access what you really want to get out of your business. You will get clarity, put some exciting plans in motion and get support to ensure that your copy gets written and your project managed. The next chapter of your business and your life, in a word: handled. (And you’ll have fun while doing it. Oh yes, you will).

Here’s the exciting itinerary:
  • You’ll spend some time digging deep, dreaming and discovering what gets you excited and what makes you want to gouge your eyes out as you complete my Handled questionnaire. Then it’s time for us to get together.
  • You, me and your dreams. We’ll meet in my online living room, for a half day of handling things. We will map out the next phase of your business, your flagship product, your new service offerings, your team, your website, your [anything else you want]. We’ll do a mix of brainstorming, planning, coaching and brief exercises throughout our time together to help you identify what you really want and then we’ll put the plans in place to make it happen.
  • After a half day of coaching and creation, we’ll have a glass of champagne to toast all of your hustle and celebrate all of the exciting business plans you are about to set in motion.
  • Then I will send you a follow up message with the recording of our time together plus your action plan. Yup, now it’s time to get to work on making your dream life a reality.

Oh, but that’s not all. You didn’t think I was gonna leave you hangin’ like that, did you?

Here’s the post-retreat plan:

  • You’ll get access to my brilliant team to help you execute on all of the glorious plans we made together (email us anytime for the next 30 days).
  • Lyndsay, my Branding + Copywriting Connoisseur, will be on hand for questions and support. Lyndsay can review 1-2 pieces of copy and provide branding advice for your new offers. 
  • Last but not least, we’ll have a wrap-up call 30 days after our online extravaganza to make sure you have everything you need to make your new business plans happen. I will also answer any last minute questions, provide clarity, clear blocks that will lead to procrastination, and generally provide a swift kick in the pants to hold you accountable to your dreams.

Are you ready for your wings?
Let’s turn your big dreams into real life.

Investment: $3,500

Includes a half day of business coaching sessions with moi, Rachel Rodgers, copywriting and branding support from my personal copywriter, unlimited email access for 30 days following the e-treat, plus a wrap-up strategy call with me at the end of your 30 days. I’ll also have a special surprise for you but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

Reserve Your HANDLED @ Home E-treat
with a deposit of $995

Pay the balance in one or two payments.


Fantastically Awesome Questions:

When will I get to schedule my session?

Once I receive your completed questionnaire, we’ll get your e-treat on the calendar. Sessions will be scheduled as early as the first week of March and as late as the end of June. Let me know your preferred dates and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

How are we gonna get everything done in a half day?

Because this is what I’m good at! I’ve streamlined the process of planning and implementation and I have a talent for ferreting out the obstacles in a business and obliterating them with impressive speed. Plus, the half day is about scheduling some time away from your everyday life to devote to the future you want to create. You’ll work with me to identify your obstacles and your new big plans then you have 30 days to set them in motion with me and my team’s help.

What happens after my Handled e-treat?

You’ll work with the Rodgers Collective Team to see your plans through. You’ll have an action plan to start executing. We’ll be available to you by email for any questions that pop-up along the way, you’ll get your copy and branding reviewed by our brilliant in house wordsmith and you’ll have a follow up coaching call with me. We’ll work (virtually) by your side as you get things written, sequenced, edited, mapped out, priced, and executed. And we are gonna hold you to a 30-day deadline because we know that keeping up the momentum is important and when those 30 days are over, you’ll be so glad you did.

What if I have a lot of business goals or problems to solve?

Bring ‘em on. Your time with Rachel will be about identifying all the things that are holding you back–from strictly business issues (service offerings, revenue, etc.) to mindset matters. Identifying what’s wrong or what’s missing is half the battle. We’ll work with you to check as many things off your list in 30 days as possible. But, after working with us for 30 days, you’ll have learned how to tackle the remainder of your list on your own. We’re gonna give you the fish, so to speak, but we’re also gonna teach you how to fish. Get it?

Can I get a refund? What if I need to cancel?

We don’t offer refunds on VIP days, but what I can offer you is my personal commitment to make this one of the most productive and rewarding experiences of your life. I know that you invest your time and money wisely, as a mother and entrepreneur, I do the same. I also know that this experience will be a transformative one for you and your business. I have no doubt that if you make this decision to invest in yourself and your business, you will not regret it.

Peg Kusner“I had a head (and heart!) full of ideas for products, but had no real plan or process to make them happen. There’s something almost mystical about going to a beautiful place, far from home, to work on your dream with like-minded people. It shifts your focus, your frame of reference and your point-of-view in wonderful-and unexpected- ways! With MADE: IN FRANCE, there’s a strong support system to keep you on-track and motivated. The brilliant ideas and feedback from Rachel, her team, and the other members of our MADE group took me, my product and my business to a new level that I would never have gotten to on my own!

The chateau was magical! The beautiful space and grounds; the fact that there were no distractions (I loved stopping during my writing to stretch, then realizing that the only sounds to be heard were the clicks of keyboards and the noises of the farm animals 🙂 ;delicious food and drink; amazing company; and life-changing conversations! My ONLY hesitation was the cost! But it was the best investment in myself and my business that I could have made.

Peg Kusner, Interior Designer, Peg Kusner Designs

Nailah headshot“Working with Rachel gave me the tools to really begin stepping from behind my business and start putting myself front and center. The program reinforced that as CEO of my company, it’s my job to lay out the vision for my company and that taking the time to do that was absolutely necessary. Also, it gave me a group of trusted peers that I know I can turn to for advice and support well after the program is over.

While participating in the program, I gained 2 new retainer clients and an increased scope from an existing client. I’ve also put together the foundation for a new program that is more in line with the work I’d love to be doing and the clients I’d like to serve.

The access to the entire Rodgers Collective team is priceless. And the support and the push to think bigger and completely outside of the box with your business.

I would recommend Prime to any woman business owner who is looking to step their game up but may be feeling a little stuck. I’ve already made back the investment in Prime with new clients and I know that ROI will only continue to grow as I continue implementing all I’ve learned.

Nailah Blades, Wylie & Co.

quinn-bishop“I am the owner-operator of two businesses and had an amazing idea for a product that combined both of my businesses. At MADE, I was encouraged, coached, and made it through creating the majority of my product. I had a wonderful experience, it was a turning point for me. Committing to MADE was a conscious decision that told my soul that I deserved more, that I was enough, and that I had exactly what it takes to make this huge leap. My favorite part of MADE was the other women! We are all so different, from vastly different fields and locations. The other women offered a unique perspective and energy. I also loved the tangible action steps, braining storming sessions and feedback. I recommend MADE because when in your life will you ever surround yourself in such a beautiful place with amazing people, to create what’s been growing inside you? Well, at MADE you will! ;).

Quinn Bishop, Stylist, Salon Owner & Transformational Coach

Lindsay Byron“My name is Dr. Lindsay Byron, although most folks know me as Lux ATL. I am a former university English instructor turned professional pole dancer, teacher, and motivational speaker. In 2014, I quit academia in order to pursue my passion for empowering women through pole dance. The first year of my business was an experiment–just testing out my workshops and other offerings to discover if folks would pay for them. That year I discovered that YES, my services are in demand! However, I had no clue how to properly structure a business for growth and sustainability–and this is where Rachel Rodgers comes in.

I hired Rachel in December 2015 to coach me on a six-month contract. So far, she has guided me through the nuts-and-bolts of legally establishing my business and setting up a business bank account–areas in which I was utterly clueless. She has also given me great new moneymaking ideas–such as an online workshop, product and retreat which have earned me more than $60k over the past few months! Perhaps more importantly than these benefits, however, is Rachel’s ability to motivate me to believe in myself and dream bigger than I ever imagined. Some days I’m feeling down or tired and don’t want to work, but as soon as I get off the phone with Rachel, I’m totally revitalized and reconnected with my vision. Rachel is not only my business coach–she’s my friend. I adore her as a person, and find her own success personally inspiring.

I’m making more money than ever, have greater confidence in my vision, and fresher ideas thanks to Rachel’s guidance. I invested every last dime of my savings account to hire Rachel. Less than two months later, that savings account is already replenished and growing. BEST INVESTMENT I’VE EVER MADE IN MY BUSINESS. Hire this woman.”

Dr. Lindsay Byron, Pole Dancer, Professor, Motivational Speaker

Are you ready for your wings?
Let’s turn your big dreams into real life.

Investment: $3,500

Includes a half day of business coaching sessions with moi, Rachel Rodgers, copywriting and branding support from my personal copywriter, unlimited email access for 30 days following the e-treat, plus a wrap-up strategy call with me at the end of your 30 days. I’ll also have a special surprise for you but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

Reserve Your HANDLED @ Home E-treat
with a deposit of $995

Pay the balance in one or two payments.

What happens after you buy:

We’ll send you an email to confirm that you are about to get HANDLED (in the best way possible)! The email will include the details to select your payment plan and the Handled questionnaire, so I can get the 411 on your goals for your Handled e-treat before we begin. Shortly thereafter, we’ll email you to get your Handled e-treat scheduled and make sure you know exactly how to prep for our time together. We’ll remain in communication so you have all the information you need to arrive for your session fresh, excited and ready to get to work!

This incredible experience will be led by me, Rachel Rodgers. Here’s the 411:

Rachel Rodgers Prime MastermindI’m a business lawyer turned business coach, intellectual property strategist, and the creator of Small Business Bodyguard. I am on a mission to help women entrepreneurs build million dollar businesses.

When I’m not showing creative business owners how to build strong services businesses, I’m running a very non-traditional law firm that is disrupting the legal industry by making it surprisingly easy (and damn fun) for innovative companies to work with experienced attorneys and get the legal help they need to do the crazy stuff they want to do.

In 2013, I created the Small Business Bodyguard: Cover Your Bases, Cover Your Assets, Cover Your Ass. This game-changing legal resource has been called “fun and engaging” by New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan and a “graduate-level course on how to build a strong foundation for your business” by CEO of OurDeal, Kyle Durand.

I am known in the legal industry and beyond for being an innovator and master of productizing services and creating high-quality, high profit products. SBB and the other legal kits I’ve created have been transformative, generating half a million dollars in revenue in just two years and serving 1,700 small businesses around the country. And I achieved those results with almost no active marketing because I simply didn’t have the time.

I have also spoken on the subject of productization, building solid service businesses and intellectual property in numerous venues including a class on CreativeLive, to MBA students at MIT and at various conferences including, InfusionCon.

I received my J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and my “MBA” the hard way, by building various successful ventures over the last 5+ years and learning from the best business minds out there. Before becoming an entrepreneur I worked for various state and federal judges, a high-impact non-profit and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

When I’m not taking care of clients, I enjoy baking in the kitchen (barefoot, with rosé in hand), lifting weights, juicing (the green kind, not the steroid kind), reading to my toddlers, being a “dance mom” to my girls and going on new adventures with my family (my favorite destination being the South of France, of course!).


Carmen HeadshotI was tired on revenue plateaus and adding new ideas to my to-do list without ever taking any action. I wanted accountability and a place to bounce ideas around regarding new products/events/ideas I had that would generate more income for me. However, I didn’t know if I’d be able to make the time. But that seemed to be my excuse with everything. In terms of cost, I knew the value would be there but because revenue was a concern, I wanted to also make sure I could pay my bills!

Prime gave me a place to bounce ideas around, products that I could launch, and exciting events that i actually want to attend. Plus, an action list to get my product launched, an awesome group of women to work and connect with, great ideas and feedback. The homework really made me buckle down to get it done and the follow up on the calls to discuss what we did kept me accountable. I think anyone who wants to grow their business could definitely benefit from Rachel and her team! They really help you get shit done!

Carmen Rosas, Carmen Rosas Law

juliana-morrisI had been wanting to create another product, my flagship product, and couldn’t find the time and direction to get it completed. I had the idea but not the time nor support. I needed to have the tools to make this be a REAL launch and a successful one. When I did my first e course, I didn’t really do a launch. I completed it and then did a beta and then hoped people would buy it. I wanted this to be different. It is TIME TO MAKE MONEY and to create a project I am proud of. I was hesitant about the investment, it felt huge at first. I was also hesitant about being away from home with a small child. So with so much money at stake and the hardship on my family, I felt hesitant that the program could live up to my needs and expectations.

The result? I got a clear vision of my product–it changed throughout the week and each change was really important and improved my product. I also received great support in the idea when I was doubting it. This made my writing go so much quicker. I could run ideas by Rachel and the other participants and pivot when I needed to. I also purged a lot of personal stuff that I didn’t realize I needed to do in order to get the work done. I saw this in other women too. I SO benefited from being around women who were killing it and WANTED to kill it more. The motivation, the inspiration was so fantastic. We weren’t competing with each other but we were hustling together. I loved the tone was set by Rachel that each of us were important, doing great stuff and had a wonderful idea. The sisterhood aspect was huge for me.

The time with Rachel and her expertise was invaluable. Being able to ask her on the spot about something was so incredibly helpful. Getting away from kids and the day to day grind, having everything handled for you (food, schedules) and being in a physical setting that was unique and pampering helped fuel creativity and take me to a level that I could not accomplish otherwise. MADE called to a group of high level women and it was incredibly helpful to be around that level of sisterhood. I highly recommend MADE because Rachel created a solid program that allows you the room to create a product that will be a game changer for your business in the most unique of ways. The idea is gold but the experience is platinum.

Dr. Juliana Morris, Sex Therapist, drjulianamorris.com

“The magic is in Rachel’s ability to make the impossible not only possible but Actionable. No matter where you are in your business plan…new to established, the MULTIPLY process is the template you need to productize your message. Rachel’s irreverent ‘straight no-BS’ style is fun and engaging, but more importantly, it’s transformative. Her creative genius is in her ability to visualize turning the intangible to tangible. You WILL have many ‘I was blind but now I see’ moments! And with her wealth of resources you’ll be perfectly set to launch an amazing product. If you have even a smidgen of desire or curiosity re building a business product: Get thyself to MULTIPLY!”

René Washington, Life Coach

robert-hartwell“The result is a graduate level stack of guides to walk me through any product launch I ever want to undertake. The result is honestly less fear and more creativity. I got a killer flagship product that I didn’t know I even had. Rachel is brilliant in the sense that she can give you a one sentence tweak to your model and it change the entire trajectory of your business. I am walking away with a LAUNCH DATE, 12 month Product Outline, Sales Page, and Ideas for our Evergreen that I would’ve never even explored had she not pulled them out of me. My favorite was that the program felt like a behind the curtain tour of Emerald City. We are all clearly HUGE fans of Rodgers Collective and Rachel. However, to see the ACTUAL blueprints of her product that has made her nearly a million by the end 2016 is the most epic benefit to me. Her revealing the truth of how she does it and continues to do it demystifies the entire process of creation. Her revealing her process so simply and effectively gave me the confidence to trust and move with it……it clearly works.

Robert Hartwell, Broadway Dancer & Founder of The Broadway Collective


Are you ready for your wings?
Let’s turn your big dreams into real life.

Investment: $3,500

Includes a half day of business coaching sessions with moi, Rachel Rodgers, copywriting and branding support from my personal copywriter, unlimited email access for 30 days following the e-treat, plus a wrap-up strategy call with me at the end of your 30 days. I’ll also have a special surprise for you but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

Reserve Your HANDLED @ Home E-treat
with a deposit of $995

Pay the balance in one or two payments.