Our cute little house that we said goodbye to this week.

Is it time for you to shake shit up?

A couple of weeks ago I let you in on the boundaries I recently put in place that made a huge positive impact on my life and my business. Well, this week I wanna tell you about how I’m shaking shit up! In fact, the…

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Do I Look Like a Threat?

Back in May, I hosted a fabulous retreat in NYC. It was the same day that I took this photo. I felt glamorous and powerful as I hosted an epic photo shoot for 10 women who were ready to stop hiding and show the world…

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Is it time to redraw your boundaries?

Welp, I went on a full on boundary rampage this week. (#boundaryrampage) I had to. I was feeling miserable, I was working too much, and I was hating all of it. I was essentially raging against the machine that is my business, and it wasn’t…

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RRTV Launch Envy

Suffering From Launch Envy? Here’s why.

Have you ever suffered from a mean case of launch envy? You know what I’m talking about. You’re minding your own business on Facebook, scrolling through inspirational quotes and pictures of your friend’s kids when BAM! You’re smacked in the face with some other entrepreneurs’…

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Can you truly build a million dollar product?

In 2013, Nathan Barry decided he wanted to make software. After surveying his community of entrepreneur friends on their needs, he created ConvertKit, email marketing software done better. The problem was that ConvertKit was a side project to his already successful business self-publishing books about…

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