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The Root TV: LLC or S-Corp?

In my legal career, there is probably no other question (besides “how do you get your hair like that?”) that I have been asked more than “should my business be an LLC or an S-Corp?” I have answered that question in much detail in the…

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How to Create Lucrative Partnerships for Your Business

Have you seen The Avengers? Nevermind. Doesn’t matter. Let’s pretend that I’m Black Widow. I could go around, by myself, spying on enemies and kicking ass in my tight, patent leather catsuit. And that would be pretty damn cool. But what’s even cooler is if…

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Failing to conduct a trademark search may lead to a head-on-the-desk moment later.

How to Know When It’s Time to Quit

        “When it’s over, that’s the time I fall in love again …” Sugar Ray Despite what they may say, quitting isn’t actually easy. It is, in fact, quite difficult to give up a part of yourself that is no longer really a part of…

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