Rodgers Collective is a team of experienced, forward-thinking attorneys and creatives.

We’re sharp, strategic and committed to helping entrepreneurs protect and profit from their valuable content. Our wicked-smart DIY legal products are aimed at innovative entrepreneurs who want to handle their legal issues without losing stride. We also handle intellectual property and other legal matters for a select number of clients.

But, we don’t stop at problem-solving.

Creativity is among our strengths and we use our unique product-creation expertise to teach entrepreneurs how to diversify their income streams and expand their reach without spending more hours behind their desks.

Are you an innovator, a disrupter, a dream-maker?

Are you ready to do all the things?

Go ahead– we got you.  

At Rodgers Collective, we understand disruptive companies because we’ve been disrupting our own industry since 2010. We know how it feels to be the one breaking the mold with bold ideas and unprecedented goals that others dismissed as crazy.  We also know how good it feels  to make the impossible a reality,  and to delight your customers and clients by doing the work for them that no one else had the vision to do. We know what it’s like to feel like you can’t not do the thing that calls  upon you, and we also know what it’s like to reap the rewards of your bravery. To be sure, we’ve got audacity in common and we can support you.  

We’ve been featured in various media outlets, including Fast Company, MSNBC, Forbes and The Washington Post. During  the last five years, we’ve advised some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs out there. We’ve also donated our  time and expertise to help fledgling business owners through Kiva and other organizations. And, we’ve been having fun while doing it.

Shenanigans are our specialty (in addition to intellectual property law and product creation).

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Your Product Team:

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel is a business lawyer, intellectual property strategist, creator of Small Business Bodyguard and all around legal badass. She captains this non-traditional law ship, disrupting the legal industry and making it easy (and damn fun) for innovative companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to find the legal solutions they need to make their wildest plans a reality.

She has her hand in a lot of things around here, perhaps the biggest of which is strategizing cost-effective solutions to our clients’ legal conundrums, creating tailored DIY legal products, and teaching entrepreneurs how to create their own smash products so they can expand their reach (and their revenue).   Overall, Rachel helps businesses discover, protect, and monetize their IP, and handles select legal disputes with fierce protectiveness and ass-kicking.

Rachel created the innovative and entertaining business law guide called Small Business Bodyguard: Cover Your Bases, Cover Your Assets, Cover Your Ass. This game-changing resource has been called “fun and engaging” by New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan and a “graduate-level course on how to build a strong foundation for your business” by CEO of OurDeal, Kyle Durand.

Back in the old days, Rachel received her J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and has a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution, also from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.  She’s been admitted to the Bar in both New York and New Jersey and has had cocktails at bars all around the world. Before starting her law firm, she clerked for a judge and worked at nonprofits in New York, at a premier lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., and on Capitol Hill in the Senate Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

When she’s not taking care of clients, you can find her baking in the kitchen (barefoot, with rosé in hand), playing hide-and-seek with her two toddlers (aren’t you tired just reading that?!), hanging out with her hubby (who builds motorcycles, which totally ups her cool factor, right?), or spending time in France, her absolute favorite place on the face of the planet.

Interested in hiring Rachel to speak at your next event? Click here.

Tressa Beheim

Tressa keeps us all in line as the Operations Manager and Launch Specialist for Rodgers Collective.

Tressa is the amazing Operations Manager and has been on our team for over 3 years. She handled the entire operations side of the creation and launch of Small Business Bodyguard. She is a project manager, back-office coordinator, people manager, and knows product development and marketing incredibly well. And, yes, she pulls it all off.

Tressa is one of those extremely organized, type A people who has a grasp on both the nitty gritty details and the big picture in ways that most people don’t. This has allowed her to systematize and streamline all of our business ventures over the years so we can provide amazing service and don’t have to work like dogs. Simply put: she’s a machine. Nay, she’s our machine and you will have the benefit of Tressa’s expertise if you choose to work with us.

That’s right, Tressa will be available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction when it comes to software, systems, hiring a team, managing a team, offering amazing customer service (without killing yourself), executing an amazing launch and all things operations.

Once upon a time, she trudged through traditional corporate work in management and finance before completing her MBA and moving on to innovative businesses (smart move, Ma’am). Tressa and her husband reside in New Mexico, but she’s always planning her next visit to England (thanks, BBC). When she’s not hard at work, she’s busy as a bee reading, playing, and being a princess with her two young daughters, or reading zombie books after they’ve gone to sleep.

Lauren Turner, Esq.

Lauren is part intellectual property attorney, part legal copywriter, and overall creative genius.

(She is also not at all modest and not too humble to admit that she wrote this shamelessly flattering bio herself. Hi, mom!).  She’s got first-hand entrepreneurial experience and an intellectual property twinkle in her eye.

Lauren handles legal disputes for a select number of clients (take that, opposing counsel!) and contributes significantly as a writer and editor to Rodgers Collective’s own DIY legal products. She advises regularly on brand protection, is a fierce defender of intellectual property rights, and can untangle any small business legal dilemma and get clients back on track for world domination.

Lauren has been an entrepreneur, a contributing writer for Apartment Therapy, an international criminal lawyer, and a commercial choreographer. Some might find her varied background puzzling, but we find that it makes her a perfect fit for our team and the work we do. Lauren has no idea where she lives these days, but it’s probably somewhere between Helsinki, London, and NYC. Wherever she is, you can be sure that she’s drinking coffee, sneaking into a contemporary dance class, and assaulting social media with never-ending photos of Otis, her beloved Boston Terrier.

Lauren holds a Juris Doctor from Hofstra University School of Law, and a Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Law from the University of Helsinki, where she studied public international law and international business law.  Lauren is admitted to practice in New York.

Dediako Rodgers

Dediako is the ‘money guy’ here at Rodgers Collective P.C.

Dediako is the master of money around these parts (official title = Operations Coordinator). He makes sure the cash flows and the taxes get paid. He’s also our resident tech wizard saving us from our technical snafus.

Before coming on board this crazy ship, Dediako was a Field Technician for Verizon and ran a real estate development business on the side (how’s that for a side hustle?). But his proudest gig yet was a stay-at-home dad for his two toddlers.

Dediako has a Bachelor’s in Economics from New York University and a Master’s from the School of Life (just kidding about that last one).

Yes, for those of you with a keen eye for last names, Dediako is Rachel’s husband and she may or may not have used the promise of baked goods to lure him into bringing his hustling and management skills to the Rodgers Collective table.

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